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Traumatology  runs on Windows XP/2000/Vista
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Of the Asociacon Argentina de Traumatologia of Deporte


Days: 11,12 y 13 Juny of 2009



Of the Asociación Argentina of Trauma Ortopedico

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Software is easy to use, effective and affordable, designed to meet the needs of medical records electronic entry (records) and daily management of Agenda Shifts per doctor (Appointments) of a clinic or medical institution in the that provide one or more professionals (unlimited multi-user version).
Capricornian Software presents to you the system of Traumatology integral and of management:

With this novel system of traumatologyc the professional surgeon in the areas of: Traumatology, Orthopedics, Surgery and sports medicine: In all they will be able to carry the clinic history gives each inpatient or that may have suffered some type from fracture and they may have been incorporated to him implants and/or plasters.

Example: It will be able to follow the pathology by a femur and the evolution by their fracture

Keeping all this information in virtual form (within your personal computer) thus it will be able be found with an own data base and with each one of the treatments that it has had, so much as well as the fractures with classification AO Surgery Reference where it will be able to obtain the specific data from the cases. Being important to transmit these knowledge to their colleagues and pupils.

It will be able to reduce the information search through system, to store for example X-rays in case that is applied the same.

It will be able to follow the clinic history by each patient after the surgery reducing the search time of each clinic history through system will be able to store the X-rays that draw to you to each patient in the data base for thus to have a greater agile response for the data search of the stored patients.

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You will will have the great opportunity of sharing opinions on line of their cases and thus be able to offer contributions for the same that has and their descriptions ( clinic History and daily evolution )

As would Try you this case?
It will be able to have a case of dynamic discussion
Our system will permit to you to obtain dynamically the evaluation from each case in discussion, thus also the interaction from the classification AO Surgery Reference

  1. Evaluated the fracture and I diagnose it of revenue
  2. Entered the patient and in the clinic history the suggested treatment
  3. It will be able to evaluate other proposals and evolution
  4. Will see the treatment to follow
  5. Accomplished graphic Several
  6. Classification long and short Bones
  7. With the information entered in the clinic history of the patient will be able to discuss and to obtain a therapeutic solution and their better treatment to follow.


Our systems through the clinic histories of the entered patients will permit to you Orthopedic specialists and Specialists of Traumatology to obtain a better discussion platform and will obtain many contributions from the same.

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Permit to you to store also all type of images, video, photos, all type of X-rays of each one of the patients. Having thus a photographic record very wide and that will serve to you as material as study and information



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Windos 95 - 98 - Me - 2000 - 2003 - Xp - Vista

- debian Linux

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Traumatology  runs on Windows XP/2000/Vista